VGI Hosting

Making space available to customers online, that's what a web hosting provider does. Similarly VGI. In fact, you park your website with an external party, which party then ensures that your website is always connected to the internet. You rent a piece of a server, which is located in a small or large-scale data center. All documents that make up your website are on this server.


By working with a good web hosting partner you can really start building your business. You can process many visitors at the same time, your website is always fast and safe. That's how you turn visitors into customers.

Web hosting benefits

VGI hosting in simple language

  • Top security for your site and email. For example, an SSL certificate which provides the well-known green lock in the browser bar.
  • Personal support from VGI, no chat customer service that gives advice but is not allowed to execute it.
  • No PHP limits, get exactly the speed you need. 
  • Your web designer also manages the hosting. This means faster gear changes and even more options.

When you purchase web hosting from an external party, you do not have to perform maintenance on the server yourself, for example. These parties also employ professionals who can solve problems quickly, so your website is always back online in no time. This means you will not miss any sales or requests.

Obtaining an SSL certificate through your web hosting partner is also a big advantage. SSL ensures that all documents that are exchanged between the server and browser cannot be stolen and remain secret. This creates a sense of security for customers, which can contribute to more sales. Consumers prefer to spend their money in a safe environment.